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The Lilford Estate and Tarleton Parish Council are collectively working together to prepare a vision for Tarleton and the neighbouring villages over the next 30 years

Context of the Masterplan
Why Create a Masterplan
The Masterplan Vision

The Masterplan relates to Tarleton, which is the largest of the villages in the Northern Parishes : the population of Tarleton Parish is approximately 5,600. Mark Square at the centre of Tarleton Village provides a range of services and facilities to meet local needs, including a Health Centre, Library, Spar shop, Pharmacy, Bakery, Restaurant, Takeaway and Public Houses as well as other shops. 

The Lilford Estate and Tarleton Parish Council are collectively working together on a development Masterplan, which presents a unique opportunity to create a sustainable vision for Tarleton and its neighboring villages, that seeks to meet the needs of both existing and future communities, providing new homes of high quality design and opportunities for employment over the next 30 years.


There are 400 agricultural holdings in West Lancashire, employing 2,300 people with a further 2,500 jobs in food production, accounting for 10% of jobs in West Lancashire. 

The Masterplan seeks to show how it can support employment, agriculture and local economic growth and importantly how infrastructure and wider community benefits could be provided for the residents of Tarleton

The Sites Under Review
History of the Lilford Estate

The Sites under review are identified on the Masterplan. The principles now set out against the individual areas, are based on a preliminary survey and desktop information: any further exploration of site planning and development objectives would be based on more detailed surveys and analysis. 

The Lilford Estate has a long standing legacy in Tarleton and the surrounding locality, being owners of agricultural- and other land which accommodates many of the facilities in the village centre, including Mark Square and the playing fields off Carr Lane, for the benefit of the cricket, rugby and football clubs and for walking at Carr Heys Woodland.

The Lilford Estate remains committed to ensuring the sustainable development of Tarleton, and through this Masterplan has the opportunity to provide further lasting benefits, as previous Lord Lilford's have sought to achieve. 

The Lilford Estate and Tarleton Parish Council are collectively working together to prepare a Masterplan, which sets out a sustainable vision for Tarleton and its neighbouring villages over the next 30 years. 

Tarleton Masterplan

If you would like to view the Tarleton Masterplan, please click on the link below.

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Through the Tarleton Masterplan, the following benefits could be delivered:  

High Quality new family, retirement and affordable homes

Supporting and helping to grow the agricultural and food production sector in West Lancashire

Public open space which links to wider green infrastructure

Improving infrastructure constraints within Tarleton and neighbouring villages, including highways and sustainable drainage systems

Investing in the community with the creation of employment

Wider Community Benefits

How do I find out more?

Both the Lilford Estate, through its appointed Agent, Acland Bracewell Surveyors Limited and Tarleton Parish Council would like to seek the views of the local community on the proposals to assist West Lancashire Borough Council in preparing their Local Plan Review. 

To provide more details of our proposals for Tarleton, we are holding a Public Exhibition:

Wednesday 4th July 2018

Tarleton Cricket Club Pavilion, Carr Lane, Tarleton, Preston, PR4 6BU

Between 11am - 1pm, 2pm - 4pm and 5pm - 7pm

What Happens Next? 


Following the public exhibition, both the Lilford Estate and Tarleton Parish Council will review all of your comments.


Your views will then inform the overall Tarleton Masterplan, which will then be submitted to West Lancashire Borough Council, as part of their consultation process on the Local Plan Review.

Have Your Say

If you would like to have your say on the Tarleton Masterplan, please download the Feedback Form by clicking on the link below. 

Consultation will close on Wednesday 1st August 2018. 

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